Goods handling

Goods handling in the port is mainly carried out using mobile cranes and wheel loaders which are fitted with various goods handling equipment.

We handle bulk loads, project loads and parcelled goods. Load weights vary from a few tonnes to hundreds of tonnes.

Renting warehouse space

We offer a variety of storage services for both parcelled goods and bulk cargo. The indoor storage capacity totals around 20 000 m2.

Paved and non-paved outdoor storage areas approximately 10 000 m2.

Warehouse info

7,2 m
2 docks (180 m)
12,5 ha
20.000 m2
Mobile cranes



We handle bulk loads with efficient mobile cranes. The goods are transferred to and from the quays using lorries and wheel loaders. There is around 10,000 m2 of warehouse space suited for bulk cargo.

Parcelled Goods

Our clientele makes use of our excellent location by delivering part of their parcelled goods imports directly from ship to their customers. There is storage space suited for parcelled goods available in halls, shelters and outdoor areas.

Project Loads

Project loads are both imported and exported through the Port of Tolkkinen. Large outdoor storage areas and high indoor halls also allow for storage of products for a longer time. Lifting capacity can be arranged as per the requirements of the products.